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100,000 people at the Big on Bloor Festival

There is a powerful renaissance happening in the Bloordale / Bloorcourt neighbourhood, that is, the area of Bloor Street West from Christie to Lansdowne. It is a grass roots renaissance spearheaded by the people who live and work in the area. Many agencies and organizations have been working for years to bring improvements to this area. All this good work and energy found an expression and a focus last year with the BIG on Bloor Festival.

On June 20, Bloor Street was closed from Christie to Lansdowne as the neighbourhood played host to the 400 businesses, artists and artisans who rented tables and to the 100,000 or so people who came to enjoy the event. It was an opportunity to show the world what is special about this neighbourhood, what we are proud of.

The organizations that came together to create the Big on Bloor Festivals was a mixture, of business, politics, residents groups, social service agencies, and business. This is the way it is suppose to work. Disparate groups working together for a common goal. The groups involved are: ---

BeBloor, Bloor CI, Bloordale BIA. Christie Ossington, Neighbourhood Centre. Clay and Paper Theatre, Cooking Fire Theatre, Councillor Adam Giambrone, Ward 18, Councillor Adam Vaughan Office, Ward 20, Deputy Mayor and Councillor Office, Joe Pantalone, Ward 19. DIG IN. Dufferin Grove Park Staff, Dufferin Grove Residents Association, Dyan Marie Projects, Friends of Dufferin Grove, Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Green Here, Kent Senior School MacGregor Park Friends, MP for Davenport, Mario Silva, MPP for Davenport, Tony Ruprecht, MPP for Trinity Spadina, Rosario Marchese, Wallace Emerson Community Centre

We are already planning for the BIG on Bloor Festival to be bigger and better in 2009. Stay tuned. If you want to help contact me - We need all kinds of volunteers on the day of the festival, and before, to make this happen.

This newspaper is another expression of that new spirit in Bloorcourt/Bloordale. Support it! Be a part of it! If we work on it, it can only get better.



























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